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What is Equity Crowdfunding & Debt Crowdfunding, and what does it mean for Mississippi’s small business owners and contributors?

Equity crowdfunding & Debt crowdfunding is the sale of securities, by private businesses to Contributors.” This means that your business now has the opportunity to borrow through crowd financing or sell ownership shares of your company to local folks who want to see you succeed! As an investor, this is your chance to do more than find local investments (either equity or debt), but to help grow the business community and make Mississippi stronger!

Most of the time, people lump debt and equity crowdfunding into one category and call them both equity crowdfunding. This is common because both equity and debt crowdfunding are regulated securities.

By choosing equity crowd funding or peer-to-peer debt crowd funding over traditional investments or small business loans, you’ll benefit from long-term relationships with people who have an intense desire to succeed.

How can PEF help me to grow my Mississippi business or investment portfolio?

We are dedicated to achieving growth in Mississippi!

We know that your goal is bigger than your business idea or investment portfolio. Like us, you want to see continued economic growth and prosperity for our beautiful Magnolia State and all who call her home. You know that true growth comes about when we work together towards a common goal. What better opportunity is there than to contribute directly in the ideas, dreams and big ideas designed to contribute to and grow our local economies?

Growing a small business is no easy feat. As traditional funding sources become more and more scarce, and as more banks close their doors to small business owners, it is up to individual contributors and local folks to ensure that the backbone of our national economy, the American small business, has the capital it needs to seek new opportunities, to expand operations or to seek out new and innovate ways to solve problems.

It is up to all of us to work towards growth in Mississippi! Are you ready to get started?

We are Mississippi's Crowd Funding experts!

Peer Elevate Funding isn’t just a crowdfunding website, it is the expert source for regulated crowdfunding information and training in Mississippi. When you work with PEF Crowdfunding Intermediary, you’re working with the leading experts on crowdfunding in Mississippi!

“With the guidance and encouragement from Jennifer we are excited for the opportunity taking shape for our business next year. With confidence I encourage that you work with Jennifer. You will find a professional, a coach and a very good friend.“ – Kenny Watts

Peer Elevate Funding Launched First Mississippi Crowdfunding Website.

In Mississippi, PeerElevateFunding became the first and only crowdfunding portal and intermediary to establish best practices and processes, work through complicated regulations, start a local ecosystem of resources, and push to move Invest Mississippi forward. We continue to collaborate with the regulators for Secretary Delbert Hosemann on the MS Secretary of State Crowdfunding rules, banks, service providers, and the Securities and Exchange Commission to help formulate workable regulations and create best practices at a federal level. We have over 25 years working with technology, banking, software, telecommunications, education, economic improvements and regulatory requirements. When you want the most trusted peer-to-peer Debt or Equity Crowdfunding resource in Mississippi, you want Peer Elevate Funding.