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Peer Elevate Funding is dedicated to serving you and revitalizing communities with integrity, transparency, and wisdom! We are a website 'portal' that allows investors to connect with companies seeking funding. Peer Elevate Funding was developed to help enable economic and social prosperity. This is the place where local residents can invest in Mississippi companies, for a share (equity) of that company. Basically, we invest in each other with the hope of economic growth. Peer Elevate Funding is a registered intermediary, portal operator, and portal (the 'middle man'). We guide companies through the investment crowdfunding process, perform due diligence, provide transparency for investors, and provide a virtual corporate office for companies.

In Mississippi, Peer Elevate Funding became the first and only portal company to establish best practices and processes, work through the regulations, start a local ecosystem of resources, and push to move Invest Mississippi forward. We continue to work with state regulators, banks, service providers, and the Securities and Exchange Commission to help formulate workable regulations and create best practices at a federal level. As the founder, I am an active member of the (CFIRA) Crowdfunding Intermediary Regulatory Advocates, the (CfPA) Crowdfunding Professional Association, and a credentialed (PMP) Project Management Professional. I also serve on several Mississippi Community and Education boards and actively work in the community on economic and education initiatives.

People ask why I do it, what drives my passion. This is where we get to the heart of the matter. My family and I are lifelong residents of Mississippi and believe that we should leave this place better than we found it. My passion is to pave a path for those that come behind me. I believe that the small businesses, entrepreneurs, 'mom & pop' shops, farmers, geeks, 'unreasonables' and dreamers make up the foundation that built America and they are required to revitalize it.

Our wisdom is gleaned from 25+ years working with technology, banking, telecommunications, education, economic improvements, and regulatory requirements. Peer Elevate Funding is the premier Equity Crowdfunding portal in Mississippi. Other intermediary portals will come behind us, because we have paved the path. But, our dedication to service, quality, regulatory compliance, professional education and cost effectiveness cannot be matched. We have made a commitment to serve our issuers, provide investor education, and align ourselves with only honorable resources to help the 'crowd' work through business planning and due diligence.

As we develop more tools, they will become available for your use. We are always looking for feedback and input from others. Please feel free to contact us with any suggestions that would help make our product even better!!

Mississippi's Geek Girl
Jennifer Gatewood, PMP
Peer Elevate Funding
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