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“For some time now, several years, I have been intrigued with the platform known as crowdfunding. For the first time in my experience I have had the pleasure to receive expert advice on exactly how the concept becomes reality. You will find this expertise by meeting & working with Jennifer Gatewood.”

- Thomas Allen

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What is Peer-to-Peer Debt & Equity Crowdfunding?

Peer-to-Peer Debt crowdfunding & Equity crowdfunding is your solution to raise capital for your small business. Through a regulated debt & equity crowdfunding website like Peer Elevate Funding you’ll find the folks, right here in Mississippi, who want invest in your company.

With equity crowdfunding, people exchange real money for shares of your business, giving you the financial backing you need. By trading capital for “equity shares” your contributors can receive a return on their investment and a share of the profits in the form of a dividend or distribution.

With debt crowdfunding, also called lending crowdfunding and P2P lending, contributors are investing in a security of your business through a type of loan or some other type of debt instrument. So, you use crowd financing to get a loan for your company.

How to raise capital or funds for your Mississippi business:

To raise capital funds through state crowd funding:

  1. Register on this Peer Elevate Crowdfunding site to get connected with a certified Project Management Professional
  2. Collaborate with our regulation crowdfunding experts
  3. Get your personalized funding project plan and your own PEF team
  4. Use our custom developed application and platform to streamline regulatory compliance
  5. Partner with us to coordinate the regulatory documents, escrow, and submission process with the MS Secretary of State Securities
  6. Launch your offering!!!!!

Do you qualify to seek funding through Invest MS?

To qualify for Invest Mississippi Crowd Funding, your for-profit business must:

  1. Be organized as a Mississippi corporation or an LLC
  2. Have at least 80% of your company’s assets in Mississippi
  3. Have at least 80% of net revenues from the date of the offering be from MS revenues
  4. Have no Bad Actors involved!

Check out this online tool called Mississippi BOSS to Start Your Business in Mississippi: MississippiBOSS Business One Stop Shop, an online tool provided by the Mississippi Secretary of State Business Service Division

To organize a business in Mississippi as a corporation or a Limited Liability Company, go to the Business Services section of the MS Secretary of State website at and complete the online form.